Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Black Bombaim - Saturdays and Space Travels

Post #500!! Craziness. Great heavy psych from Barcelos, Portugal. Unlike many psych records, you won't find yourself slowly drifting off into the void. There's some stoner riffs that haven't gotten my nipples this razor-sharp in some time. Your experience depends greatly upon how loud you turn this one up. For those outside of Portugal, check their Myspace for updates on how to grab one of these LPs.

- Dan

Monday, August 30, 2010

Idle Times - Get Your Feet Off the Ground b/w Driving You Sad 7" + Million Miles Away b/w Whatever Works For You 7"

These two 7"s from Woodsist and HoZac from last year will get you adequately pumped for Idle Times' debut LP that's due in October on HoZac. Both 7"s follow the same format. Each Side A showcases their reverb-heavy energetic West Coast garage/psych pop sensibilities. Both Side B's take it down a notch, giving you the opportunity to appreciate the seemingly subtle but highly competent guitar work. Also, you can go HERE to hear a track from the upcoming album.

- Dan

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Raindeer - s/t

Sugary and nostalgic Baltimore synth-pop. A mix of influences from the 50s and 80s. An extremely accessible sound that will please twee-ginas and hipsters alike. Thanks to Charlie for the submission.

Milk Music - Demo

I'm back motherfuckers. I've got a real adult job out in California now, hence my lengthy hiatus. The good news is I've been stockpiling some awesome shit to post. Milk Music creates a nice mix of scummy 80's inspired indie rock and ear blasting fuzz guitar that will instantly conjure up memories of listening to early Dinosaur Jr. or The Wipers for the first time. Tons of potential here. Support these guys if get the chance to. Most of their music seems to be self-released/unreleased and they barely exist on the internet.

- Steve

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wise Blood - +

Free digital EP via his bandcamp. Panda Bear meets Girl Talk meets The Avalanches. "B.I.G. E.G.O" and "STRT SRNS" are essential tracks. Perfect sound to accompany the rest of summer.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Hornet Leg - Ribbon of Fear


Have a friend that's been trying to track this one down. Hornet Leg has been the side project of Chris Sutton of Dub Narcotic Sound System since 2003. What was once a solo venture that saw Sutton experimenting with acoustic bedroom recordings has finally settled down into a solid 3-piece after years of member and genre-hopping. Stripped-down rock/punk/garage. This debut LP is only $12.99 at Insound. Get it.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Prussia - Prussia Goes to the Disco: A Summer Mixtape

Album cover says it all. Some of these tracks are AWESOME, and I wish I had this album earlier on in the summer. It's pretty impressive they can produce this amidst recording their real upcoming album, Poor English. Prussia continues to do Detroit proud. "Ethiopia" is my new jam.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Ty Segall/Royal Baths @ DC9 8/11/10

Got a chance to catch Ty Segall in DC last week. Great show. Great times. LOUD AS FUCK. Mad crush on the bassist. Thanks to Brad for having a super badass camera with excellent sound. His attendance is now required for any show I will be attending from now on. I'll update this post once more of the tracks are uploaded.

Here's their last track of the night. A cover of Them's "Gloria".

from Melted...

"Finger" was pretty incredible live.

Looking forward to hearing more from openers Royal Baths in the near future.

This track doesn't do the band, or the rest of their set, justice. Dude knows how to rock the whammy.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Whitesand/Badlands - Seeding the Clouds

There's a sort of tension and urgency in Whitesand/Badlands sound that simmers but never quite reaches the boiling point. The first spin through I spent a lot of time waiting for the record to release its grip. The sensation of swimming upstream was a bit taxing. Spent the second spin through embracing it. A far better experience. A dark and incredibly mature record for being a debut full-length. Sounds like early 90s indie/shoegaze but with a little more soul. And minor keys. They only pressed 250 copies of this double LP, and you can be certain that once I've got the extra dough, this will be joining my collection. Pick one up here, but please save one for me. One of the better and most complete records to grace my inbox.

"Recorded it in Duluth, MN with Eric Swanson in Sacred Heart Recording Studio (a 19th century cathedral converted into a recording studio which is where Low & Retribution Gospel Choir have recorded, among others). we mixed it in Chicago in Mahjongg's home studio with Cooper Crain of CAVE manning the mixing board. it's the first release on our own imprint, Magnetic Ghost."

Thanks so much to Andy for the submission.

- Dan

Get the name-your-own-price digital download or the 2xLP at

Monday, August 2, 2010

Lazy Mary - Crazy Hairy 7"

Debut EP from these two Long Beach ladies who I highly doubt give a fuck about what you think of them. This duo mixes elements of good 'ol Motor City rock 'n' roll and post-punk with the general disregard for the listener that fuels many of your favorite bands. Shaky and bellowing vocals. Turbulent riffs. And song called fucking "Shiza Minnelli". Approved. Only 300 7"s pressed. Grab one from Mountain Man Records.
"For fans of Slant 6, the Frumpies, Bikini Kill, the Stooges and Black Sabbath."

- Dan

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Tin Turtles - Animal Happiness

Received this submission from these dudes (or just dude?) a couple of months ago. Traditional psychedelic rock out of Prague, Czech Republic recorded by a dude from the Ukraine. Lyrics in Russian. Well-polished overall. Brian Jonestown Massacre meets Dungen meets a lighter Black Angels, but it's mostly in the Dungen direction.

- Dan

Ecstatic Sunshine - Yesterday's Work


Ecstatic Sunshine is no longer the guitar duo you might remember from their debut LP we posted a while back. Dustin Wong is now shredding in Ponytail and Matthew Papich has been releasing material as Ecstatic Sunshine over the last few years. Ecstatic Sunshine's sound has also expanded beyond solely guitar pluckage. A good and bad thing I suppose. It remains minimalist. Still oozes positive vibes. This most recent LP is more respectable than enjoyable, but is definitely worth drifting off to.

- Dan