Monday, August 16, 2010

Ty Segall/Royal Baths @ DC9 8/11/10

Got a chance to catch Ty Segall in DC last week. Great show. Great times. LOUD AS FUCK. Mad crush on the bassist. Thanks to Brad for having a super badass camera with excellent sound. His attendance is now required for any show I will be attending from now on. I'll update this post once more of the tracks are uploaded.

Here's their last track of the night. A cover of Them's "Gloria".

from Melted...

"Finger" was pretty incredible live.

Looking forward to hearing more from openers Royal Baths in the near future.

This track doesn't do the band, or the rest of their set, justice. Dude knows how to rock the whammy.


Anonymous said...

segall is the shit

DotheFeedback said...

Never enough whammy.

lord_delicious said...

I really thought they'd be playing with those satanic masks on.

Anonymous said...

Yea, what is the deal with the bassist? Anyone got the specs? Previous bands?