Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Junk Culture @ DC9

Caught Tobacco/Dreamend/Junk Culture at DC9 a few weeks back. Junk Culture stole the show, and Tobacco pretty much just DJed his own shit. Lame. Here's a video a friend (Show Me Deals, Show Me Deals) put together from the show. This two-parter includes a large chunk of their set, an interview, and the two of us stoned as shit talking to some crazy woman that lost her keys at the supermarket. Good times.

- Dan


Chris said...

Didn't know you were based in the DC area! I was at this show too but I missed Junk Culture. My friend picked up his album though and we were listening to it after, it sounded awesome (you should up it on here!). Totally agree about Tobacco though, while I still enjoyed the show (I'm an admitted Tobacco fan boy), it was pretty disappointing that he mostly just djed. Especially when he played those last two songs with the band, because those songs just sounded so much better and more energetic.

Anonymous said...

pretty cool man. pretty frickin cool