Monday, December 6, 2010

J.C. Satàn/Le Pécheur - Split EP

A fucking gorgeous split EP courtesy of French label PRT Disques. I've got a serious hard on for some of the garage outfits coming out of France, and these two bands are no different. J.C. Satàn (France/Italy) bring the hazy unadulterated jams with some pretty infectious vocals, and Le Pécheur's (France) clap-able jangly tracks are destined to be paired with scenes from some obscure black and white foreign film on Youtube in the near future. Good shit.

- Dan


Anonymous said...

hey, can you recommend other bands in this vein? really digging this post! thanks!

Anonymous said...

seconding that, Le Pecheur in particular are fantastic, my french isnt so good so no luck searching the internet for more

johnvondick said...

hey anonymous 1

some other cool french bands:

catholic spray
black muslims
zyklon beach
bare hands
the last rapes of mr teach

and so on...

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else run into problems with the dl? I got a bunch of errors when I tried to open that zip folder.

Holly said...

Unpacks fine, but no artist info. Fyi, jcs does consuela and bad intention, lp does torture & nothing remains