Saturday, December 4, 2010

V-3 - Negotiate Nothing

Long out of print and hard to come by at times even on the internet, V-3 is one of a handful of musical vehicles for the compositions of Columbus Ohio native Jim Shepard. V-3 lacks the abrasiveness of Shepard's earlier work with Vertical Slit but the variety found on this record is staggering. It's everything you like about lo-fi 90's indie rock and experimental bedroom artists squeezed onto one boombox-recording-quality album.

- Steve

Download Negotiate Nothing


Pete said...

Here's a great blog covering Jim Shepard music only, too bad it's now defunct.

sjt said...

i have no idea if you even have the capability to but if you could reupload this i would be unbelievably stoked

Steve Cuff said...

sjt-- I'll see what I can do. As long as the album is still out of print it shouldn't be a problem.

sjt said...

thanks man, love the blog