Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Treasure Hunt - Clutty Putty EP + Heavens EP

Treasure Hunt is the moniker of Dallas, TX experimental pop-collage artist Myles Dunhill, who was kind enough to us his first two releases under his newly formed label, Slyme Records. Densely layered "high frequency synths and garbage-shit beats" fitting for a clichéd LSD trip. A lying on your back in the middle of a grassy field, watching the clouds pass, blowing dandelions into the wind kind of trip. With a flowy skirt on, if that's your thing. Some recognizable samples scattered throughout, such as the Limahl's - The NeverEnding Story theme (check out his hair. I have this 45 btw) and the Super Mario Brothers 3 falling with wand in hand music in the track "Car Bed".

- Dan

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Greg said...

Loved these. Did you know they posted a full-length on their bandcamp in March? You should check it out!