Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ty Segall/Thee Oh Sees - Bruise Cruise Vol. 1

This is already all over blogland, but I figured I'd throw it up here because I support the shit out of the Bruise Cruise and the accompanying 4 volume 7" series from the participating bands (each of which you're surely to see here). Both tracks are solid, as expected, although I was pretty surprised by the vocalessness of the Oh Sees track (after giving my copy a spin, I've discovered this is a bad rip, and there actually are vocals, but haven't come across a good rip yet). 800 copies pressed. Insound's still got some left.

- Dan


Anonymous said...

rad. thanks. i dunno know how much more of either act anyone actually needs, but its good to know its around.

Capuchin said...

TY Segall and Thee Oh See's combined sounds positively orgasmic but the file is some sort of weird unknown 5mb file. Would you mind re-uploading it?

OngakubakaDan said...

woah, weird. i picked up a copy of this, but never gave it a spin until just now. definitely has vocals.

The Postman said...

hmmmm. that is wierd. i always assumed the track was an instrumental and dwyer adjusted the track For his live sets by addin vocals.

well anywho, are the other volumes gonna end up on here eventually?