Tuesday, January 11, 2011

VIDEO: Encounters - Feathers

"Encounters are a group based in London formed in the autumn of 2008CE. Eric Breslauer and Memo Guerra (exiles from Israel and Mexico, respectively) met in spring 2004CE while both were doing a degree in sound engineering and music production. They soon formed a partnership as a production duo. Guerra's partner, Akkia Neko soon joined him in London and expressed her desire to start a musical project of their own. The three of them began playing the London circuit as a live electronics group garnering a modest following, however, the group wanted to expand their sound. A fourth member was required. Memo met Laura Anderson when he took a job at an independent record distribution company where Anderson was an accountant. When he learned she had a drum kit and was a fan of the Silver Apples and Neu!, he gave her a CD-R with music he'd been working on. She soon joined the group. The sound and style they produced together was a bold mixture of two extremes: from the straightest pop sensibilities to the harshest experimental noise, thus showcasing the four members' vast artistic influences and musical backgrounds. They each bring in their own interests, musically channeling their fascination with sound, film, literature, photography, art and design. Encounters boast a very diverse and interesting hybrid in their ever-evolving repertoire. All four members exchange instruments and roles within the group, making music with electronic, analogue and acoustic instruments. Anything that makes a sound is welcome in their arsenal. The foursome intend to keep changing, experimenting with sound and to defy genre and category altogether within the complex lexicon of popular music. The only rule is: there are no rules..."

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