Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Boas - Grave Dreams

Grave Dreams is Tyler Newbold's follow-up to his self-titled debut we brought to you in March of last year (check it out here), and is quite the achievement, to say the least. Still maintains the indie/electronica/idm approach of Boas, but with a more organic vibe. Heavy bass, lush synths, and hypnotic rhythms. There's a few comparisons I could throw out there, but I'd rather your first listen be devoid of those. I even gave tracks 3 & 4 a few consecutive listens, which is always a good sign. I had said this about his previous release, and the same is true of Grave Dreams; this is worthy of some end of the year lists. Now spread the word. Thanks to Tyler for the submission.

- Dan

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Unknown said...

I loved his first release. Definitely checking this out.