Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments - Bait and Switch

The early 90's were pretty fucking stupid. After the whole "grunge explosion" thing record labels started running around like lunatics picking up every band that sounded like the opposite of Motley Crue. This cash in resulted in some shit (see: candlebox, silverchair, etc etc) and a few gems. Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments fall into the latter category but the fact that they put out this album on a major label in '95, well after the aforementioned grunge fad, and are from Ohio of all places make this release even more mind boggling. This sounds like a bunch of 80's punk rock burn outs banding together to record the best music of their lives. The urgency and rough nature of the album gives it a lot of charm, and as chaotic as it can be, the hooks are still great. While I wouldn't recommend downloading things based only on an awesome band name, this one will certainly impress you.

- Steve

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Link is dead, any chance on a re-up?
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