Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Diamond Center - Live at Ipanema

If you haven't already heard The Diamond Center, it was only a matter of time. This band has been slowly gaining momentum since relocating to Richmond, VA from Texas a few years ago. This live set is a an installment in the "Live at Ipanema" music series that started a few years back at Ipanema Cafe, a tasty little vegan bar/restaurant/basement here in Richmond, and will give you a pretty good idea of what this band is all about. Hazy guitar, haunting melodies, marching rhythms. The harmonious introduction to this set will have you hooked immediately. They'll be joining The Black Angels, Roky Erickson, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Fresh and Onlys, Shapes Have Fangs, Atlas Sound, and an absurd number of other great bands for Austin Psych Fest 4 the last weekend of April.

- Dan

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Finally got around to listening to this submission. This 6 track digital album is a collection of recorded organ improvisations spanning the last few months from this Chattanooga, TN organ-ism. Gloomy vibes fit for your next communion. 

- Dan

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Neighbor - In Our Times (Demo)

Wipers and Husker Du-influenced post punk (borderline pop punk) out of Austin, TX. This demo shows some promise with "Wretched of the Earth" being the most attention-grabbing track. Thanks to David for the submishmish.

- Dan

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sealings/Lois Magic - Split EP

Two top notch speaker-blowing bands out of the UK. Noisy shoegaze/post punk goodness. Pick up the split Cassette/CDR from Free Loving Anarchists. More free downloads are available on Sealings' tumblr

- Dan

VIDEO: Boas - Work and Travel

Ongakubaka follower and L.A. filmaker Greg Lazcano is back with another beautifully shot video. This time it's "Work and Travel" from Boas' most recent release Grave Dreams (you may remember his video we posted last month for Swimsuit's "Evaporation"). Greg has been tossing around the idea of creating a new video once a month for an artist he discovers through this blog, which we think would be pretty badass. Stay tuned.

- Dan

Monday, March 21, 2011

Man the Hunter - s/t 7"

Shelley Salant, drummer from Swimsuit and founder of Ginkgo Records, sent along this debut 45 from this accessible lo-fi bubblegum "prom rock" one man band out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Your girlfriend will eat this shit up. Grab her a copy of the 7" for $7 postage paid here.

- Dan

Friday, March 18, 2011

V/A - Obsession

An incredibly good compilation of psychedelic rock from the late 60s/early 70s from bands out of Peru, India, Turkey, Uruguay, and Brazil. 

- Dan

01. Atomic Forest - Intro/Obsession '77
02. Quarteto Nova Era - De Repente
03. Arif Sag - Osman Pehlivan
04. Sonara Casino - Astronautas A Mercurio
05. Flavio Kurt - Walderez Waldereia
06. Erkin Koray - Hor Gorme Garibi
07. Novos Bahianos - Globo Do Morto
08. Los Chikichaka - Musica Mulata
09. Arnaud Rodriguez - Murituri
10. Ovni 87 - Sueno Un Camino
11. Suely E Os Kantikus - Esperanto
12. Jean Paul El Troglodita - Everything Is Gonna Change
13. Ersen - Gonese Don Cicegim
14. La Barra De Chocolate - Proectos De Un Ladron Prisonero
15. Atomic Forest - Obsession '77

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Crystal Swells - Goethe Head Soup

FUCK YES. This Vancouver foursome creates incredibly good garage/psych/surf/lo-fi/(pop)punk with complete disregard for both your speakers and eardrums. Definitely one of the best things I've posted in 2011 thus far. Thanks to Joel for the submish.

- Dan

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Drew Bolduc - The Taint OST

"...the kind of film the retarded love child birthed by John Waters and David Cronenberg would create."

‎"It’s not so much tongue in cheek as it is double fisted middle fingers to the MPAA and society in general."

‎"a never ending onslaught of filthy entertainment that is sure to please the most degenerate gore hounds out there"

Richmond, Virginia is already well aware of the greatness of this movie, and now it's about time for all of you outside of RVA to have your mind blown and pants jizzled. The Taint is the comedy/horror brainchild of Drew Bolduc, and not only did he write, direct, and star in the movie, but he also created this synthy soundtrack. Nothing accompanies blood, violence, tits, cocks, and semen better than a little synthesizer. Grab the name your own price download of the soundtrack ($.01 minimum), and more importantly BUY THIS FUCKING MOVIE (HD: $10, SD: $5, DVD: $12). Below is the teaser trailer, which features the track "Put This Thing In Your Brain".