Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Drew Bolduc - The Taint OST

"...the kind of film the retarded love child birthed by John Waters and David Cronenberg would create."

‎"It’s not so much tongue in cheek as it is double fisted middle fingers to the MPAA and society in general."

‎"a never ending onslaught of filthy entertainment that is sure to please the most degenerate gore hounds out there"

Richmond, Virginia is already well aware of the greatness of this movie, and now it's about time for all of you outside of RVA to have your mind blown and pants jizzled. The Taint is the comedy/horror brainchild of Drew Bolduc, and not only did he write, direct, and star in the movie, but he also created this synthy soundtrack. Nothing accompanies blood, violence, tits, cocks, and semen better than a little synthesizer. Grab the name your own price download of the soundtrack ($.01 minimum), and more importantly BUY THIS FUCKING MOVIE (HD: $10, SD: $5, DVD: $12). Below is the teaser trailer, which features the track "Put This Thing In Your Brain".

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Thier paypal checkout isnt working is there anyway you could just post it through you?