Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Solar System - Drawing A Blank

The Solar System is the solo vehicle for the music of Chris Oliver, a talented multi-instrumentalist from the Detroit area. I've known Chris for close to decade now (fuck I'm old) and I've always admired not only his talent but his dedication. He's the type of guy that eats, sleeps, and breathes music, and it really shines through on his recordings. Chris is also probably the only guy I know that constantly plays and records music and somehow manages to make great records that don't come off as stale rehashes of what he's done before. I don't think he has any intention of getting comfortable with what he's doing, which is why I always look forward to hearing a new song from him. His latest release, Drawing A Blank, flirts with bedroom pop, 60's psyche, glitch pop, and a plethora of other genres. Each track almost begs you to try to pigeonhole him, just so he can can give you the middle finger when he completely switches things up on the next track. Hit up his Bandcamp page if you like what you hear and buy a couple of things so this motherfucker can pay his rent.

- Steve

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FrauWurst said...

pretty nice. frusciante potential.