Wednesday, April 27, 2011

VIDEO: Hear Hums - Toward Above

Gainesville's Hear Hums are embarking on a 3 week tour beginning next week in support of their most recent release, Pyche Cycles. They've also got a full length in the works that should see a release by the end of this year. There are intricacies in the above track that don't really come through in the video, so I highly suggest downloading Psyche Cycles if you haven't already and/or ordering a copy of their limited edition of 100 CD from their bandcamp, and, of course, hit up one of these dates below. Looking forward to their stop in Richmond.

5/6 - Charleston, South Carolina w/ Coma Cinema (House Show) 
5/7 - Wilmington, North Carolina w/ Libraries, Gross Ghost (Gravity Records) 
Presented by Get Off The Coast
5/8 - Greensboro, North Carolina w/ Andrew Weathers, Three Brained Robot (House Show) 
5/9 - Charlottesville, Virginia w/ Teen Dreams, Funland Superquest (Magnolia) 
5/10 - Richmond, Virginia w/ Tungs, Floating Colors, Seamonster, Everybody Yay (Sprout) 
5/11 - Baltimore, Maryland w/ Moss of Aura, Dead Drums, and Say "No!" To Architecture (Metro Gallery) 
Presented by Friends Records 
5/12 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania w/ BAnana Symphony, Moral Crayfish, Tim Conley Trio 
5/13 - Boston w/ MMOSS, Dark Sea of Awareness, and Mutual Benefit 
5/14 - Boston w/ Dark Sea of Awareness 
5/15 - New York w/ Soft Circle, Yvette, and Hunters (Death By Audio) 
5/16 - Brooklyn, New York w/ Psychic Reality, Slowdance and Tooth Ache (Cameo) 
5/17 - New York w/ Yanqui, Island's Eyelids, and Giant Steps (Bruar Falls) 
5/18 - Queens, New York w/ Dustin Wong, Emily Reo, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Dark Sea of Awareness (Silent Barn) 
5/20 - Montreal, Quebec w/ Miracle Fortress, and Mozart's Sister (Torn Curtain) 
Presented by Arbutus Records 
5/21 - Toronto, Quebec w/ Foxes in Fiction, Heartbeat Hotel, and Blood Rexdale & The Walls Are Blonde 
Presented by Snakes + Ladders 
5/22 - Athens, Ohio w/ Blithe Field 
5/23 - Nashville, Tennessee w/ Conestyle 
5/24 - Knoxville, Tennessee w/ Coolrunnings, Persona La Ave (Pilot Light) 
5/25 - Asheville, North Carolina w/ Aswara, Alligator Indian, and Doc Aquatic (BoBo Gallery) 
5/27 - Atlanta, Georgia w/ New Animal, and Dark Sea of Awareness
Presented by Little Advances 
5/28 - Athens, Georgia w/ Green Gerry, and Dark Sea of Awareness

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