Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Broken Water @ Couch Heaven 04/22/2011

Here's a vid a friend of mine recorded at a house show we hit up here in Richmond, VA. Broken Water performing "Hear" off of Whet. Solid show, good crowd, and "special" cornbread.

- Dan

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Peelies/Jesuslesfilles - Vol. 1

Infectious French Canadian garage/indie. The Peelies are an all girl outfit, and Jesuslesfilles are a collective of 4 peens and 1 vageen with guy/girl vocals. Pick up the split cassette for $5 from Planet of the Tapes.

- Dan

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The UFO Club/Night Beats - Split 10"

(LINK REMOVED 05/22/2011)

"The Reverberation Appreciation Society is incredibly proud to announce our 3rd release: The UFO Club / The Night Beats Split 10 inch featuring 4 tracks from The UFO Club on the A side and 4 tracks from The Night Beats on the B side in a limited edition of 500 on 140g vinyl. Includes hand crafted, screenprinted packaging with artwork by Christian Bland, Lee Blackwell and Rob Fitzpatrick. Signed and numbered by Christian Bland and Lee Blackwell in a limited edition of 500. Includes digital delivery of full album in 320 KPS MP3, FLAC and WAV via email as orders are processed. Shipping May 24th."

Really glad to finally hear more recorded material from the Night Beats. Enjoyed their H-Bomb 7" from last year. Solid psych garage pop. Their first full length will be dropping in late June via Trouble In Mind Records. 
The UFO Club is a collaboration between Lee Blackwell of Night Beats and Christian Bland of The Black Angels that combines 50s pop with 60s psych. Good shit. Two of their four tracks will be appearing on their debut LP due this summer.
 It's likely this link will be up for a limited time, so get it while the getting is good, and then drop your 15 bones over at austinpsychfest.com for a physical copy. Thanks to Rob and all the dudes behind Psychfest for continually hooking us up with such great tunes. 

- Dan

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Cult of Dom Keller - EP 2

Would've loved to have seen these guys at Austin Psych Festivus a few weeks back. Sun-soaked psychedelic stoner candy from Nottingham, UK. Highly recommended. Currently recording a full length with Doggen of Spiritualized for a release sometime this summer. 

- Dan

Monday, May 9, 2011

Crawling Through Her Ghosts - Delicate Desire In Another Room

The latest release from former Crash City Saints guitar player Matt Massuch operating under his moniker Crawling Through Her Ghosts. If you dug the his first album I posted a few years back, you'll absolutely love this release. Matt has continued to develop his lush instrumental dream pop/ambient soundscapes and the result is absolutely beautiful. Crawling Through Her Ghosts offers a nice alternative to the ear splitting sonic assault of Oliver Ackermann inspired shoegaze without coming off as a cutesy version of Zwan  like other groups that probably cite Slowdive as a major influence.

- Steve 

Thousands - s/t

Great instrumental 3-piece out of Boston. Guitar a la Don Caballero mixed with some heavy Shellac-like drum work. Feels like it's been a long time since a band like this has caught my attention. It's a quick EP, with its two tracks clocking in at around 20mins. Need more. Thanks be to Omar for dropping this one in our inbox.

- Dan