Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mit Hamine - Pagojet

While I was record shopping a few weeks back I was approached by dude who seemed pretty desperate to sell the store's final copy of his band's record. Red marble vinyl with hand drawn cover art in black crayon and blue pen. He said it was only $7, they made experimental pop, and name-dropped Sonic Youth, so I said why the fuck not and decided to help the kid out. I was pretty surprised when I gave this a spin when I got home. Pagojet reminds me of some of the earliest demos from bands like Of Montreal, Circulatory System, The Sunshine Fix, Olivia Tremor Control mixed with the slacker pop vocals of bands like Pavement, Beulah, and early Beck. There's definitely a few rough patches, and some of the tracks don't feel fully realized, but it's safe to say there's loads of potential here. You don't hear very many records like this anymore. "Alligator", "It's Your Head", and "Mambo Sack Seed" are a few of the highlights. You can snag a name your price download or an LP with original artwork for $10 shipped at their bandcamp.

- Dan


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