Friday, May 25, 2012

Cavedweller - 2016 pt II & III

I was familiar with Cavedweller's split release with Shapes Have Fangs back in 2009, but had never actually listened to any other of his releases. Apparently this new cassette, out on Business Deal Records, is his 10th release and he's been recording under the moniker since 1994. Mellow lo-fi folk excellence. Grab one of the limited edition cassettes through bandcamp, and, if you're interested, check out the liner notes here.

- Dan

Monday, May 21, 2012

PICTURES: The Black Lips @ Austin Psych Fest 2012


The You and What Army Faction - VENT

Four piece experimental/drone/punk/psych/noise band from Greece. A hypnotic sound for your travels from the depths of hell to the far reaches of the universe. If J. Spaceman and Liars were to team up, I would imagine the results would sound a little like this. Limited edition cdr available through More Mars, or name-your-price over at bandcamp.

- Dan

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Amen Dunes - Ethio Covers 7"

Can't wait to catch Amen Dunes for a second time later tonight @ Strange Matter. Picked up the new 7" when we were at Austin Psych Fest a few weeks ago. Three interesting takes on Ethiopian pop tracks from the 60s/70s. Limited to 300 copies and available HERE.

- Dan

VIDEO: Strange Hands - Love Illusion

"Love Illusion" is the first single taken from Strange Hands' debut record, Dead Flowers. Definitely one of the better garage records I've heard so far this year, and if you're into blood, tits, and hallucinations, this video is for you. Stream the record over at bandcamp, or pick up a beautiful splatter vinyl copy from Shit Music For Shit People/Azbin Records. Also, if you didn't hear their 7" from last year, check it out here.

- Dan

Thursday, May 17, 2012

PICTURES: Dead Meadow @ Austin Psych Fest 2012

- Steve

π - You In Colour

One of the problems you'll inevitably face as a fan of a classic genre like 60's garage/psych rock is the fact that the music is finite. Nothing you, I, or anyone can do will expand a bygone decade to include more great music. This is where all of the rock revivalist bands step in-- taking inspiration from classics and adding some modern sensibilities to fill the void. The band Pi (I went with the early 90's Prince inspired spelling for the blog post title) operates outside the realm of both emulation and evolution. Instead of leaving me thinking fondly of a decade I never lived through, they leave me nostalgic for one I'm quite familiar with: The 00's. The punchy, fuzzed out blues riffs of You In Colour instantly took me back to driving around in high school with The Black Keys' Thickfreakness blaring out of my car stereo. The vocals at times sound very White Stripes-esque--The White Stripes of different era, back when we all thought they were siblings, or married, or, involved in some weird inbred shit. Maybe I'm just getting old, or maybe I should just stop thinking so much about this album and continue to enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling the first three tracks are giving me. Seriously, there's some solid tunes on here, with or without the nostalgia.

Pi has this record available on their bandcamp as a pay-what-you-want download. Head over and give them some cash

- Steve

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

PICTURES: Pink Mountaintops @ Austin Psych Fest 2012


VIDEO: Lyonnais - A Sign From On High / Modern Calvary

Epic psych-drones flood desert landscapes in this extremely badass video from Atlanta-based foursome, Lyonnais. Their debut LP, Want For Wish For Nowhere, is available through HOSS Records and can be streamed via soundcloud below. 
- Dan

Monday, May 14, 2012

PICTURES: Acid Baby Jesus @ Austin Psych Fest 2012

I did manage to put my beer down long enough to snap a couple of photos, so look for new picture posts from Austin Psychfest all this week. 

Big thanks to Dan's wife Shannon for helping me touch some of these up too.

- Steve

Sick Hyenas - The White Mofo Drug Smuggla Tape

Garage three piece from Hamburg, Germany. Grimey hip-swinging rock n' roll with some country twang in the mix. Only 20 cassettes were made and can only be had if you're fortunate enough to catch one of their live shows, but they've also got a 7" on the way. Keep an eye on their tumblr/soundcloud/facebook for updates.

- Dan

Thursday, May 10, 2012

VIDEO: GULL - Fast Enough

In 10 days, GULL will be headed to Nairobi, Kenya thanks to a successfully funded Kickstarter documentary project. "The Street Muse Project" will be a free documentary short examining street musicians around the world. Since GULL does not have a third arm capable of holding a recording device, he will be joined by Len Albright, a recent graduate from the University of Chicago with a PhD in urban sociology, during his travels. Only great things can come of this. Stay updated via twitter.

- Dan

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Radiator Hospital / Fred Thomas - Welcome To The Jungle

Split cassette released back in February on Already Dead Tapes. Grand Rapids, Michigan's Radiator Hospital occupy the A-side with some straightforward and honest lo-fi pop tracks (including a Replacements cover) that will certainly appeal to fans of Beulah and Cherry Peel/Early Four Track Recordings-era Of Montreal. On the B-side, Fred Thomas (Michigan native and headmaster of Saturday Looks Good to Me), emerges from the bowels of his basement to bring you some deeply personal lowest-of-fi piano ballads coated in the warmth of cassette tape hiss. Edition of 100. Grab one here

- Dan

Friday, May 4, 2012

Dark Sea Dream - s/t

HEAVY psych/doom/shoegaze out of Richmond, VA/D.C. Picked up this beautiful gatefold clear black and white splatter LP at one of their shows a while back, but didn't have the means of ripping it. Luckily, they recently created a bandcamp and are offering it up as a free download. Turn this shit up as loud as humanly possible and kowtow to the wall of sound. A quick google search will find you numerous outlets to pick up this LP from, including a few copies for under $15 on eBay (Fuck you Insound).

- Dan

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Secret Colours - EP3

This EP from Chicago's Secret Colours, released on CD earlier this year, has gotten the multicolor vinyl treatment and two additional tracks, and will be shipping out by May 8th. It's a perfect mix of 60s psych/garage and 90s shoegaze, and Steve and I immediately picked up an exclusive Austin Psych Fest test pressing limited to only 50 copies following their set at the Beauty Ballroom last weekend. Preorder EP+ over at Dreamover Records.

- Dan