Thursday, May 17, 2012

π - You In Colour

One of the problems you'll inevitably face as a fan of a classic genre like 60's garage/psych rock is the fact that the music is finite. Nothing you, I, or anyone can do will expand a bygone decade to include more great music. This is where all of the rock revivalist bands step in-- taking inspiration from classics and adding some modern sensibilities to fill the void. The band Pi (I went with the early 90's Prince inspired spelling for the blog post title) operates outside the realm of both emulation and evolution. Instead of leaving me thinking fondly of a decade I never lived through, they leave me nostalgic for one I'm quite familiar with: The 00's. The punchy, fuzzed out blues riffs of You In Colour instantly took me back to driving around in high school with The Black Keys' Thickfreakness blaring out of my car stereo. The vocals at times sound very White Stripes-esque--The White Stripes of different era, back when we all thought they were siblings, or married, or, involved in some weird inbred shit. Maybe I'm just getting old, or maybe I should just stop thinking so much about this album and continue to enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling the first three tracks are giving me. Seriously, there's some solid tunes on here, with or without the nostalgia.

Pi has this record available on their bandcamp as a pay-what-you-want download. Head over and give them some cash

- Steve


BringBackThe90s said...

You know you're making everyone over 30 feel really old? Back in the 00's? That was like 5 minutes ago! To me, anything that's come out since about 1998 still seems recent...

ongakubaka said...

I feel the same way. It's weird thinking about how The Black Keys released their first record over a decade ago.