Friday, June 8, 2012

Boomgates - Bright Idea 7" + Tour Split 7"

Sometimes out of sheer boredom I'll just start googling bands to figure out what the fuck they've been doing. It turns out Eddy Current Suppression Ring hasn't been doing jack shit, but their website implored me to check out singer Brendan's other band, Boomgates. The distinctive vocals give Boomgates an Eddy Current feel, but this is altogether a different band. The production is a lot murkier, and Brendan's voice is given contrast with female backing vocals. There's definitely a strong 80's indie pop vibe throughout all of the tracks here. You can pick up a copy of Bright Idea from Goner Records, and the tour only split with Super Wild Horses seems to be self released.

- Steve

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