Monday, July 16, 2012

Broken Cups - Slaves of The Grave

Broken Cups are a Hungarian foursome that draw heavily from the dark synth punk of the late 1970's and early 1980's. Most songs are chaotic two minute bursts of fuzz guitar, distorted drum machines, glitching electronics, and distinct Ian Curtis inspired baritone vocals. Slaves of The Grave is an album where the band is clearly trying to find their bearings. Moments of Brilliance really do shine through and eclipse the obvious lack of refinement, specifically on some the more focused tracks like "Love". If any of the above description, sounds remotely enticing this one is worth a download. Shit, if you're just waiting for a new Blank Dogs record and need a stop gap, this will do the trick too. Broken Cups makes damn good music and has the potential to do something great. Check out their Bandcamp page for more releases and pay-what-you-want downloads.

- Steve


Anonymous said...

My quality of life has greatly improved since i found out about this blog.

Sand said...

Amazing! Great selection thanks. That LP doesn't only shows great potential but it's already here, big. Fantastic LP a bit Warsaw more raw, more abrupt with more power and a bit more brutal with some distant Hardcore influence.

Edmar said...

It's really good stuff. I highly recommend it to followers of Ongakubaka. By the way, I love the blog, keep it up!