Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Black Pus - Pus Mortem

Brian Chippendale of Lightning Bolt ROCKED THE TWITTER WORLD by announcing the release of this unexpected digital album yesterday afternoon. J.Biebs and Kanye are currently stewing in their own feces after shitting themselves to this hot slab of noise-meat. This is an absolutely relentless record that is most certainly not for the faint of testicles. It might even be the heaviest and most progressive solo material from Chippendale. Stream/Name-your-price over at bandcamp. Currently have the earbuds in, volume maxed out, and the last track on repeat.

- Dan

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Sand said...

Great stuff strangely fascinating, thanks for that very cool selection. I appreciate it's more one sounds and textures than on pure noise like previous work. I also enjoy there's more work on vocals, sort of incantation stuff that is working very well with the hypnotic approach of many tracks. I'll put it right beside another great 2012 album the Beak>. :-)