Monday, October 29, 2012

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Haunted Leather - Red Road

Been looking forward to this one for months. Hypnotic psychedelic tunes out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Listening to this digitally almost feels like sacrilege. Luckily, vinyl is coming in a few week and will be limited to only 250 copies. Stay updated.

- Dan

Sunday, October 21, 2012

VIDEO: Wild Moth - Patience

A great video for one of the tracks off of Wild Moth's debut release. If you haven't heard the rest of the record yet, do yourself a favor and check out my post from a couple months ago, then head over to Asian Man Records and buy yourself a copy.

- Steve

Saturday, October 20, 2012

VIDEO: The Lucid Dream - Hits Me Like I'm Stoned

The Lucid Dream is one of nineteen European bands to be featured on the upcoming compilation, The Reverb Conspiracy, to be released on November 10th. The limited edition vinyl 2xLP will be available in Europe at select stores and through and in North America through, with 25% of proceeds going to Child’s i Foundation. As if the compilation itself wasn't enough, there's a release party and subsequent European tour as well. Check out those details HERE. Killer artwork from Nonni Dead from The Dead Skeletons and complete tracklist below.

 - Dan

1. Black Market Karma (UK) - Weightless 
2. A Victim Of Society (GR) - You're Gonna Hate Me 
3. The Lucid Dream (UK) - Hits Me Like I'm Stoned 
4. The Electric Koolaid Company (UK)- Dreams 
 5. The Orange Revival (SE) - Ever 
6. The KVB (UK) - Never Enough 
7. Radar Men From The Moon (NL) - Heading For The Void 
8. Singapore Sling (IS) - Nothing Inside 
9. Oscar Suave (UK) - No Direction 
10. Dead Skeletons (IS) - Kundalini Eyes 
11. Lola Colt (UK) - Diamonds 
12. Sonic Jesus (IT) - Underground 
13. The Underground Youth (UK) - I Need You 
14. Black Lizard (FL) - Spirits 
15. Wall Of Death (FR) - Thunder Sky 
16. Get Your Gun (DK) - Staying For A While 
17. The Third Sound (IS) - Re-Elevation 
18. The Wands (DK) - Hello I Know The Blow You Grow Is Magic 
19. Dead Rabbits (UK) - When I'm Blue

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Black People - Red Eyes

A Black People's cassette release Red Eyes is one hell of a somber and brooding goth/punk amalgamation. The buzzsaw guitars, reverb drenched vocals, and 80's inspired production might make this seem easy to peg, but there's an absurd amount of depth to these songs and the band does a lot more than just lean on their influences. Start to finish, Red Eyes is great but track 2, The Fool, really stands out as a monumental singular achievement. Don't miss out on this record.

- Steve

Friday, October 5, 2012

Holy Wave - Evil Hits

Holy Wave's "Evil Hits" is now available through Burger Records, with vinyl coming this December through the Reverberation Appreciation Society. This release compiles 5 tracks from their 2011 release "Knife Hits" with 5 tracks from this year's "The Evil Has Landed" EP (both of which can be heard in full on bandcamp). Their fall tour kicks off TONIGHT in Austin, TX. Check out the rest of the dates over at Facebook.

- Dan

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Shark Week - EP

I think a lot of bands get too comfortable with the music they're playing and forget to actually do something interesting. It's easy to call Shark Week a garage rock band. It's easy to say "drrp drrp Replacements Brian Jonestown Eric Burdon drrrrrp" and throw up a link. For a minute I thought of just calling this a Strokes record that doesn't make you want to fucking shoot yourself. Shark Week deserves better than that though; Shark Week is really fucking interesting. There's only 3 songs on this EP but each stands as a catchy example of how versatile and gifted Shark Week is when it comes to crafting a good 60's inspired pop song. Everything just seems to click here-- a great rhythm section, guitar work that pays homage to past decades while still sounding fresh, and a singer whose powerful howl will stick with you long after you turn this EP off. Check out their bandcamp page for a pay-what-you-want download of this album, and a list of upcoming east coast shows.

- Steve