Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Shark Week - EP

I think a lot of bands get too comfortable with the music they're playing and forget to actually do something interesting. It's easy to call Shark Week a garage rock band. It's easy to say "drrp drrp Replacements Brian Jonestown Eric Burdon drrrrrp" and throw up a link. For a minute I thought of just calling this a Strokes record that doesn't make you want to fucking shoot yourself. Shark Week deserves better than that though; Shark Week is really fucking interesting. There's only 3 songs on this EP but each stands as a catchy example of how versatile and gifted Shark Week is when it comes to crafting a good 60's inspired pop song. Everything just seems to click here-- a great rhythm section, guitar work that pays homage to past decades while still sounding fresh, and a singer whose powerful howl will stick with you long after you turn this EP off. Check out their bandcamp page for a pay-what-you-want download of this album, and a list of upcoming east coast shows.

- Steve


Anonymous said...

Do you really like this band?
Or did they pay you to plug them?
That first song is such a Strokes ripoff they should've just covered the song.
The only interesting thing about this band is thinking about how he had his guitar strapped on while hanging upside down.

Anonymous said...

Who is "Steve" and what publication does he work with?
I've never listened to the Strokes, nor would I have any desire to. Whatever band you're in, you're always gonna be compared to someone else. For instance Peaches can walk out over the crowd (which she is amazing at) backed by not the most complex music and the crowd is wowed...why? because she's just not standing there like some folk singer. The fact that the guitarist can play hanging from a rafter and has a not so bad voice is impressive and that CAN make a show more entertaining...sure Iggy Pop did it three decades ago, but who's doing it now? Is Shark Week original? Not at all. Are they a band i'd wanna go pay 10 bucks to see, sure! It's easy to trash a band, especially if they're doing something a little extra than you and your band (if you even have one) is. If any of us can do it better, then by all means....

Anonymous said...

The guitar isn't strapped on, you can see the strap off to the side.
Consideration: completed.

That being said, the music is wonderful.

Ongakubaka Steve said...

Sorry I didn't get a chance to chime in sooner. I was busy using my payola money to buy a shit ton of coke and snort it off of a hooker's ass.

Anyway, I really do like this EP, I promise. The second song is particularly catchy: