Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sports Bar - Tyler Perry's Sports Bar

I'm sure you've all been anxiously hitting refresh on your browsers wondering what Ongakubaka is going to post on Super Bowl Sunday. Nothing says sports like the band Sports Bar and their latest release Tyler Perry's Sports Bar. Well that isn't entirely true... or true at all really. This might come as a surprise but this record isn't about sports or middle aged black men dressed in drag and spouting didactic rhetoric. This is just a punk rock record that blends a lot of the stuff young me dug (Descendents, The Ramones, The Queers) with the surf/garage rock grumpy old me likes now. Dan told me that Sports Bar was great live and probably the most Ricmondy sounding band from Richmond. I think that means Richmond likes to party. So kick back, get drunk, and crank up Tyler Perry's Sports Bar on your iPod while you watch your friends yell at a football game on TV. You'll probably have a better time than they will.  Sports Bar has their music available for the low price of whatever the fuck you feel like paying, so head over to bandcamp and give them some fucking money. Don't be stingy now.

- Steve

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