Thursday, March 21, 2013

Boogarins - As Plantas Que Curam

Excellent 60s summertime vibes from this Brazilian psychedelic foursome. This one came out of absolutely nowhere, and is easily one of the better submissions to appear in our inbox recently. Although As Plantas Que Curam doesn't boast the same squeaky clean studio recording quality as Tame Impala/Foxygen/Jacco Gardner's most recent records, this debut EP will certainly catch the attention of those who've been loving those records. There's also something about their sound that instantly transported me back to when I heard Dungen for the first time almost 10 years ago. Now I just need Winter to release its death grip on Richmond, VA so I can roll the car windows down to this one. Highly recommended.

- Dan


Sand said...

Yeah very great stuff, and yeah they could benefit from a more shiny production, which doesn't mean no more work on dirt and weird.

You should check the 4 Benkes EP released in 2012, 2 are on Bandcamp. Benkes is a member of Boogarins. It's even less clean production but there's magic and an amazing sense of risk and creativity in those EP. That doesn't detract from this Boorgins EP which is sort of more professional and great in a different way.

Anonymous said...

love it!!!


Thank you for posting it here, we're glad you liked it!

Unfortunately our free download credits on bandcamp (of this month) are over.
If anybody didn't download yet, we uploaded it at 'pagsocial'
needing only a tweet, or a like to download.

Joel Lindelof said...

Really enjoying this. Thanks for the repost Boogarins.