Monday, March 18, 2013

Lou Breed - Stoned Out Two: Morning of the Way to Love

Lou Breed is back with another volume of "Stoned Out" after releasing Stoned Out: Miami Beach over 2 years ago now. This guy's brand of laid back beachside psychedelia is sure to induce a strong desire for psychotropics. Lo on the fi and hi on the mind. Download the whole thing for free, and if you want to give your support you can purchase the liner notes, which includes a bonus track and an alternate take, over @ bandcamp.

- Dan

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Sand said...

It's a very interesting selection, rather amazing and huge step forward for the work on vocals and sounds. But I'd wish someone explain this genius that for many people it will feel too repetitive and he needs work more or tracks movements and progressions, not only in vocals but also structure and instruments parts.