Sunday, April 28, 2013

VIDEO PREMIERE: Lord Scrummage - We All Need Honey

EDIT: YouTube hates boobs and/or products made by bees so they took the video down. Vimeo to the rescue.

The video for "We All Need Honey" is a madcap mishmash of psychedelia, stop motion, hand drawn animation, and honey. A metric shit-ton of honey. Seriously. It all comes together like the sort of spring break LSD nightmare that would make Harmony Korine blush. I absolutely love these guys, and if you haven't gotten the chance to check out their New American Noise segment, you're missing out. After that, head over to the official Lord Scrummage bandcamp page and grab a copy of their latest album Triangle or Die for the low price of whatever the hell you feel like paying. If you're into fearless experimentation, boundless creativity, and shakin' your ass, Lord Scrummage won't disappoint.

- Steve

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