Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Moonrises - Frozen Altars

Had a chance to catch a great set by Moonrises at a free in-store at Steady Sounds here in Richmond, VA last Thursday afternoon. Moonrises is the latest project of Steve Krakow, a.k.a Plastic Crimewave, and their organ-ic avant psychedelia LSD trips are sure to vaporize your already-melted minds. For fans of Fifty Foot Hose, Silver Apples, Faust, Can, etc. If you haven't checked out their sophomore record, Frozen Altars, here's your chance to finally do so. Stream the whole thing below, and pick up the LP, which has sounded most excellent on my turntable for the last week, for $15 over at Captcha Records' bandcamp.

- Dan

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