Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Shape Breaker - Eyes Wide

A few years back I posted Shape Breaker's No Fun LP. No Fun was loud and maybe a little unfocused, but clearly Shape Breaker had a strong foundation to build on. Holy shit did they ever build. Their 2013 followup record Eyes Wide is fan-fucking-tastic and is probably the best album of 2013 you haven't heard. Eyes Wide, like its predecessor, is a smorgasbord of lo-fi, psych, and garage but doesn't lean on any one particular influence too much. The production and songwriting has gone from endearingly sloppy to downright impressive as well. If I had the chance I'd kiss their lead guitar player on the mouth or probably just buy him a beer. The solos on this record fucking rip and have that rare Dinosaur Jr. quality of being an integral part of every composition without actually sounding like they're ripping off Dinosaur Jr. Anyway, I love this record and I love this band. Give them all of your money.

- Steve

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