Sunday, August 4, 2013

Wild Moth - Over, Again

I just finished a cross country move to Milwaukee and have spent every waking moment unpacking, drinking, and pissing off my neighbors by blasting Over, Again at peak volume. I fell in love with Wild Moth's Mourning Glow EP last year, and I had lofty expectations for their debut LP. Good sweet lord did these guys ever deliver. Wild Moth is a post-punk band in an era where "post punk" is so broadly defined the term has become essentially meaningless. Over, Again gives the sub-genre context and life again. It's the perfect fusion of raw energy and nuanced beauty. Over, Again is the sound of a bunch of punk rockers deciding to grow up and move forward instead of stagnating or quitting. This is the same concept that gave us Mission of Burma, Fugazi, Wire, and dozens of other great bands. If you're looking for an early contender for album of the year, this is it.

Check out Wild Moth on their current west coast tour and stream Over, Again below:

- Steve

+08.04.13: ZACC Gallery, Missoula w/ Buddy Jackson, Avair, Ditch Tiger

+08.05.13: House of Gore, Tacoma w/ Porcelain God, Pocket Knife

+08.06.13: The Letterpress, Bellingham w/ Palisades

+08.08.13: Heartland, Seattle w/ The Exquisites, Health Problems, Hysterics

+08.09.13: Slabtown, Portland w/ Lunch, Hausu, Industrial Park

+08.10.13: Palace Flophouse, Olympia w/ Naomi Punk


Anonymous said...

Is there no way to buy a digital copy? The album is badass and I want it

bob said...

The album is officially coming out in September, so it will be available digitally then.

Anonymous said...

I watched them play live in a cave at Sutro Baths SF/CA. Amazing night.