Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Ongakubaka will be conquering the world in 2014 and we need your help.

Ongakubaka started because we love music and we wanted to share the things we love with the rest of the world. We've learned a lot since 2007—specifically that sharing what you love is great unless it's copy written material. Posts like that tend to lead to cease and desist letters, getting banned from Mediafire and the occasional angry rant from the singer of Les Savy Fav.

But I digress...

In 2014 Ongakubaka is stronger than ever. For the past couple of years we've shifted our focus to reader submissions, and had the privilege of helping to spread the word about dozens of unknown bands. Ongakubaka isn't about Dan and I. It's about the online music community that continues to support us.

So what's the next step?

We're committed to making Ongakubaka even better. This is where you come in. In order to continue to spread the word about the blog, we'd like to start making/selling Ongakubaka shirts.

The problem is Dan and I can't draw. At all. Not even a little.

If you're an artist, if you know an artist, if you think you have the potential to befriend an artist and convince him/her to help, EMAIL US.

Before someone cries foul, rest assured we're not looking to make a single dime from any of this. Any money Ongakubaka makes from selling shirts will go straight into phase 2 of our plan:

We want to start a full-fledged Ongakubaka tape label. Know anything about starting a label? EMAIL US.

Dan and I have no fucking clue what we're doing, we just know what we want to do. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

- Steve


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I'll buy a shirt once they are made. Thanks for the support.
-Mr. Lasso

Jam Hint said...

Keep up the good work, I recently learned you guys are still around ( been following you for a few years but assumed this place bleeded dead like the lot of the blogs that used to be around).
just some heads up, from someone who shares your view on sharing music


Unknown said...

Sent an email but no one responded. lol. Oh well.

Steve Cuff said...

Sorry for the slow/no responses. We received a ridiculous amount of art/advice/well wishing and we're slowly going through everything.