Saturday, May 24, 2014

Lasso - Golden Lasso

Lasso just might be the best Midwest band you've never heard, and their latest release Golden Lasso is easily the band's most accomplished work to date. Golden Lasso builds on the group's blend of southern-fried psych-rock by adding little touches of bossa nova and orchestral pop. Golden Lasso may not have the grit of some of Lasso's prior releases, but it's certainly for the better. The arrangements and Andy Catlin's ethereal vocals are flat out gorgeous. If you're a fan of Deerhunter and/or waking up naked and confused in the middle of the desert after an acid trip, you absolutely can't miss out on Golden Lasso. The album is available as a pay what you want download on bandcamp, or as a $5 cassette/download code combo.

- Steve

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