Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Meats - Raw Meats

The cool thing about living in Milwaukee is seven months of the year are spent in a dark, dreary, polar vortex wishing you were dead. SO MUCH FUN. Thankfully when it warms up this is actually a pretty rad city to live in. Now that Milwaukee has thawed out I've been looking for a fun summer record to put on while I get drunk and listen to my neighbors argue. The Meats debut album has been the perfect soundtrack for doing just that. Raw Meats is classic no frills garage rock in the same vein as The Oblivions and The Black Lip, played by group of expats in China. A few members even used to call Kalamazoo, Michigan their home. I swear somebody must be putting something in the water there. Anyway, if you dig insanely catchy lo-fi jams, don't pass on The Meats.

- Steve

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hugo said...

Hey, by your description this band seems pretty cool (black and oblivian yummy !) but it seems like it's the wrong bandcamp below