Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Divine Intervention Now - Mirth Control

Got a pretty incredible surprise in the mail the other day from Philly duo, Divine Intervention Now (see image below). To all of you collectors out there, I'm sure the actual contents of the SD card hidden within a micro pink bible are pretty much irrelevant, but I can promise you the 6 track EP inside is well worth a listen. Acoustic guitar and Philip Mahoney's monophonic vocals lead the way on the record, but there's an excellent variety of instrumentation within. Their "manic-depressive" doomfolk is unlike anything else you've heard, and their knack for creating memorable releases (check out the "USBug Drive" release from a few years back) will always have me looking forward to their next great idea. I beg of you, support this band. Stream it below, and head over to bandcamp to grab a copy of your own for only $10.

- Dan

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coyotes in the room said...

So glad to see these guys with some more shit, i remember the 'bug drive' but this bible is just fucking rad. keep on bloggin foo