Monday, November 17, 2014

Drakkar Band - Drakkar 74

Originally only released on cassette back in 1973, the "Holy Grail of Cambodian pre-Khmer Rouge psych music" is getting the vinyl treatment from Hong Kong's Metal Postcard Records. Drakkar (The Drakkar/Thra Kha/Dra Kha Band) was one of Cambodia's up-and-coming bands before communism came in and destroyed nearly a third of the country's population. Drakkar's lead singer was able to survive the work camps by playing Santana songs for the guards. A pretty incredible story. Stream the release below and head over to bandcamp to grab one of the LPs (limited to 500 copies). There's also a documentary coming in 2015 about Cambodia's rock n roll scene called "Don't Think I've Forgotten" that I can't wait to see. Watch the trailer.

- Dan

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