Friday, January 9, 2015


The LOVEBYRD cassette officially drops today and all pre-orders are in the mail! Thanks so much to everyone that has picked up a tape or download. We couldn't be more grateful for the support, and we hope to kick out some more jams soon. But for now, we'll have this one on repeat. Stream it below and grab a tape or download via bandcamp.

"Bands like Lovebyrd are always welcome to the roaster of ’60s inspired sounds! The boy/girl duo emit a loveable and admiring psychedelic pop/rock haze dressed up with a stimulating kraut groove and sun drenched pop hooks that sounds like classics! Just like Spinning Around where you can literally see the stardust of the past walking beside you on flesh and bones!" -

 "This short tape contains serious lysergic riffs worked into catchy sunshine-pop frameworks, and those passages you want from psychedelic rock songs that sound like they are flying you into outer space..." -

- Dan

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