Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Tailbreakers - s/t on Ongakubaka Records!

Next up on Ongakubaka Records is the debut release from The Tailbreakers! Still riding the sonic wave of the electric 60's, the 4-piece band formed in 2014 in Toronto, Canada, delivers its audience the pioneering sounds of underground dance-to rock and roll, garage-beat and psychedelia. The Tailbreakers' self-titled album recalls the vintage days of analog, live-off-the-floor recording techniques and reintroduces the listener to familiar tape hiss, slap-back echoes and reel to reel's warm, all-natural compression. Stream two of the tracks below and head over to bandcamp to pre-order a copy of the limited edition red tinted cassettes. Tapes will be shipping out 9/26!

The lead single, "Electric Monkey", is available as a free download via bandcamp. Hope you enjoy, and be sure to check out the hip to trip video below!

- Dan

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Diamond Center - Crystals for the Brass Empire

The former Richmond, VA beloveds, now residing in Austin, TX, are back with a fresh full-length that is easily their best work to date, and it sounds as though their "southern gothic" take on the psych genre has reached full bloom. Sinister yet enticing. Dark yet brightly burning beneath the hot desert sun. Can't recommend this one enough. The tri-label limited vinyl release is available to order through EggHunt Records/Funny/Not Funny Records/Steady Sounds.

- Dan

Monday, August 10, 2015

The Mighty Boys - Dole Cheque & Kabana

Sassy good time garage punk party vibes from Australia's The Mighty Boys. Cassette is out now courtesy of our buds over at Six Tonnes De Chair Records

- Dan