Wednesday, June 14, 2017

OUT NOW!! Marias - Peace Sign on Ongakubaka Records

If you've been stopping by wondering why things have slowed down so much on the blog, and also don't follow us on social media, the reason we've been so quiet is because we've been working on putting together our first vinyl release! 

Some of you might remember a band I've shared a couple times over the years by the name of Lou Breed. Well, Lou Breed is now known as Marias, and we're excited for the opportunity to work with a longtime friend of the blog in getting our first 12" into the world. Marias' debut record Peace Sign is officially out digitally, and vinyl will be shipping the moment I get them in the mail within the next week or 2. "Peace Sign" is similar to Lour Breed's previous output; solid all-American indie/rock n roll/folk:

"Peace Sign aesthetically pulls from the complete canon of rock & roll: from classic to indie to the obscure including bands like The Tall Dwarfs, Television, The Kinks, Karen Dalton, Wilco, The Baptist Generals, vashti bunyan, Arthur Russell, Gram Parsons etc. etc. The album avoids stylized production in favor of clearly transmitting the folks in the room knocking about on their instruments. 

The generally positive energy of the music doesn't exactly always betray the darkness of the lyrical content. The album ruminates upon failure and mistrust - the overwhelming kinetic energy produced by things gone wrong. The play between positivity and negativity may be a reflection of the view that one should be honest about failures and shortcomings - that this doesn't have to lead to sadness or self pity, but instead can steer one towards catharsis, clarity and possibly positive action."

Stream the whole record below and head over to our bandcamp to snag a copy on beack smoke vinyl w/ hand-numbered inserts. Limited to 150 copies. Also below is the gorgeous video for the second single "Little Bugs" (which has hit 200k views on Vimeo?!!). Animated by the amazing Ori Toor out of Tel Aviv. Hope you dig!

- Dan